We are a team of likeminded sustainable designers, stylists, sustainability experts and tailors, here to support you through this challenge.

Our common mission is to help as many people as possible to fulfil their promise of buying nothing for 12 months.

“Each of us can make a DIFFERENCE.

Together, we can make a CHANGE.

Barbara Mikulski

Roberta Lee

THE Sustainable Fashion Stylist

Roberta Lee is the founder of Roberta Style Lee an image consulting and styling business designed to help men and women to look good and feel good, from the inside out, but in a socially and environmentally conscious way. She is passionate about ethical living, proving that ethical and environmentally conscious doesn’t mean living a life without luxury or style. She cares about the impact our actions have on each other, animals and the planet and advocates #100wears and believes we should all ‘wear our values’ not just talk about them.

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Rachel Kan

Sustainable Fashion Expert

Rachel Sheila Kan has been in the commercial fashion industry as a designer / design manager for the last 20 years. She lectures on the subject of sustainability and business ethics at the UCA and has a guest lecture coming up at the LCF among other schools –  as well as numerous talks within the growing sustainable fashion community.

Her consultancy Circular Earth brings  all of her skills, knowledge, contacts and networks together, using her industry and design background with her sustainable knowledge to advise companies on the best and most practical course of action towards sustainability. Bringing together her connections in fabrics & supply chain with brands and design teams. Essentially she loves connecting people – and using her talents for this good she feels that this is the most impact that she can make alongside her influencing & educating side.

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Peer Cox

Master of Textile Manipulations

Dutch designer Peer Cox, first started Upcycling several years ago, during his fashion design bachelor at Artez Institute of the Arts.

Upcycling was only a tiny part of of the curriculum but after his graduation, he as moved to Berlin where he decided to fully commit to the practice of using vintage clothes to create something new.

Peer publishes surprising and fun upcycling tutorials on his YouTube channel every week.

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Anna Brindle

Sustainable Brand Owner and Lecturer

Anna has a degree in 3D design, and an enthusiasm for screen printing since secondary school. She set up Lost Shapes in 2012, first printing clothes for friends and then growing it slowly into a business that sells worldwide. It comes from a love of making, so every print is still pulled by Anna, and it’s fuelled by a never-ending stream of ideas (at least some of them marketable!).

Anna is inspired by everything – strange British idioms, misspelt roadside signage, European freight lorries, vintage charity shop bargains, kids drawings, nasty creatures and whatever comes out when I doodle. There’s optimism and love weaving through through Anna’s work, but not without a healthy dose of irony.

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Daniel Elkan

Writer, photographer, campaigner

Daniel has spent 17 years as a freelance writer, specialising in science, environment health and travel and is founder of Snowcarbon, a website about how to travel to ski resorts by train. Daniel also created the Wooferendum and Free The Fruit campaigns.  

It’s been over seven years since Daniel bought an item of new clothing, with the exception of football boots, and he even managed to buy out-of-stock items of underwear from Oxfam. Daniel loves popping into charity shops to see if serendipity will match him up with an item of clothing for a future festival. Daniel has created an initiative, NoWearNew, to help inspire more of a culture towards secondhand clothing and shift away from fast fashion, and to stop clothing and textiles going to waste.

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Rachel Swatton

Co-director, small business owner, wife and mum

A designer and seamstress by trade, she runs the education and workshop elements at Refashion My Town CIC.

Outside Refashion, Rachel reproduces vintage clothing from original patterns on original machines, as well as sewing machine repair and making anything anyone wants with a sewing machine!

After 40 years of sewing, there’s not much she hasn’t made, but a growing passion for reducing textile waste, and engaging people with environmental issues in new and more accessible ways has bought her to work for Refashion My Town CIC.

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